Friday Bill Roundup

For more info on these bills, or a full list of bills and resolution introduced this week, contact Laura Dixon-Caldwell. 

Civil Rights

SB 100-Civil Rights-LGBT Protections

Senate bill 100 would prohibit housing or employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Several Ohio cities have passed similar anti-discrimination ordinances in the past few years. This bill would extend those protections statewide.

Family Law 

HB 126-Kinship Caregiver Programs

This bill would establish a statewide Kinship Caregiver Navigator Program. The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services would coordinate the program, which would divide the state into regions and focus on connecting caregivers with resources for benefits in their area. With the explosion of the opioid epidemic, more and more children are ending up in the care of grandparents or other relatives. This bill hopes to help address the challenges they are facing.


HB 132-Fantasy Sports Regulation

House Bill 132 attempts to tame the world of fantasy sports. It would grant authority to the Ohio Gaming Commission to regulate fantasy sports in Ohio. It would legalize fantasy sports in Ohio and set up some basic consumer protections.

Oil and Gas 

HB130-Oil and Gas Royalty Statements 

This bill would require owners of oil or gas wells to provide a royalty statement to the holder of the royalty interest when the owner makes payment to the holder.