Friday Bill Round Up: Finances, Firearms, Shelter Pets and More

Each Friday, we highlight some of the bills and resolutions introduced in the Ohio Legislature in the past week.

SB 181-Unpaid Municipal Garbage Fees- This bill would essentially treat unpaid garbage fees similarly to unpaid property taxes. The fees would be certified to the county auditor who would then add the garbage fees to the tax list and collect them in the same manner.

HB 319-Official Shelter Pet- House bill 319 would designate a shelter pet as the official pet of Ohio in order to raise awareness of shelter animals and encourage adoption of shelter pets.

HB 320-Long-Range Financial Outlook Council-This bill would create the Long-Range Financial Outlook Council. This council would collect financial data about the state and study projections and forecasts to monitor the state's overall financial health. The council would issue an annual Financial Outlook Report.

HB322-School Emergency Plans-House bill 322 would require schools to employ an emergency response planner.

SB 180-Fireams and Self Defense-Senate bill 180 is another "stand your ground" bill. This bill would make several changes to the existing law including, expanding the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat before using force under both civil and criminal law, and modifying the Concealed Handgun Licensing Law regarding a licensee's duty to keep the licensee's hands in plain sight.