FinPlan Divorce Planner now available!

The Law Library now offers the most current version of FinPlan Divorce Planner from Thomson Reuters to our subscribers. This versatile software offers a variety of tools like: alimony and child support calculators to allow you to try out different scenarios to find the best arrangement for your clients; tax calculators to estimate tax liabilities after the divorce proceeding; calculators for present and future values of stock, retirement accounts and other property to be shared; state-specific forms, worksheets and more. Documents can be printed or emailed directly from the system for easy communication with clients.

They say it infinitely better than I ever could:

“FinPlan Divorce Planner®: (Easy as 1, 2, 3--enter case facts, analyze scenarios, print reports and worksheets)

  • Calculate Federal, state and FICA taxes for both parties for up to 3 years with detailed and accurate reports
  • Prepare understandable client-oriented cash flow reports which highlight alimony/child support assumptions and the resulting cash available to meet living expenses
  • View immediate results of a scenario in one screen and post to compare up to 6 scenarios side by side
  • Generate accurate tax calculations (including automatic Alternative Minimum Tax) to support after-tax cash figures for use by clients, attorneys, financial planners and courts
  • Enter case facts on any web browser and send results in an encrypted secure file via email to import into your state-specific Divorce Planner software.” (


Finplan Divorce Planner is available on most of our computers in the subscriber lab. Just look for the FinPlan icon on the desktop!