Expanded Services to the Public

We are thrilled to announce that beginning June 1, 2021 the Main Reading Room of the Law Library is once again open to the general public!

Members of the public are welcome to visit from 8am to 3pm Monday - Friday to conduct independent research. In the interest of public health, we request that all research assistance be completed via our Virtual Reference Desk, which remains available to subscribers and the public alike. A breakdown of what we can offer through the Virtual Reference Desk is below.

Masks are still required at all times in the Law Library and all patrons are expected to practice social distancing.

Conference Rooms and other areas of the library remain open to subscribers only.

Please be advised, we cannot give legal advice. We cannot answer your legal question.

Through the Virtual Reference Desk, we can:

Send sections of the Ohio Revised Code, complete with lists of cases and explanations, called Annotations.

  • Yes: "Please send me ORC 2921.13 with cases" (If you would like the cases and explanations, please let us know. Otherwise we will only send the statute)
  • Yes: "Please send me the statute on Criminal Trespass"
  • No: "Here are the facts of my case. Please send me the laws that apply"
  • No: "I was arrested and want to know my rights"

Send legal articles that explain a topic, called treatises. A full list of treatises and their Tables of Contents can be found below.

  • YES: “Can I have section 1:13-1:18 in the DUI law book?”
  • YES: “Can I have the Multi-Count Uniform Traffic Ticket form in the DUI book?
  • NO: “What does the law say about DUIs?”
  • NO: “Can you send me the entire book?”
  • NO:  “My landlord said X Y and Z and I don’t think that’s right. Can he do that?”
  • NO: “My husband and I are getting divorced. Can you send me the forms I need?”

Perform searches in our proprietary databases with terms you provide.

  • Yes: "Can you send me cases and treatises that talk about a dog biting an intruder?"
  • Yes: "Can you send me an example of a motion to dismiss?"
  • Yes: "Can you send me cases and treatises that talk about a landlord evicting a tenant as pay-back for complaining?"
  • No: "Here are the facts of my case. Please send me cases with similar facts."
  • No: "What form do I need to file for divorce?"
  • No: "Can you find me cases that say this?"

Please note, library staff may not interpret the law or provide legal advice. It is our pleasure to provide access to information resources that will help you research your legal issue and reach your own conclusion.

To contact our Virtual Reference Desk, email reference@cms.hamilton-co.org Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm or call 513-946-5300. 

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