Door barricades currently prohibited in schools, may be permitted by new legislation, state action

The News-Herald out of Lake County reports that efforts are being made to permit Ohio schools to use barricading devices for classrooms in the event of emergency situations. The Ohio Building Code and fire code currently prohibit "door locks, latches and barricade devices that 'require special knowledge or skills,' or 'requires multiple steps to disengage,'" according to the article, which quotes language from the codes. Earlier this year the Licking County School District requested a variance to implement new barricade devices in certain situations, but the Ohio Board of Building Standards rejected it. The Board is currently conducting an internal review of the code provisions relating to school buildings and will issue a report in July.

Legislation is also pending in both the Ohio House and Senate which would amend the fire code and require the Board of Building Standards to adopt rules permitting the use of barricade devices in schools during emergencies. Both HB 114 and SB 125 address this issue. The bills were introduced in March and are currently in committee.

Photo credit: Interiot via Wikimedia Commons.