Domestic Relations Court to issue protection order cards to domestic violence victims

Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court will begin issuing wallet cards today to petitioners who obtain a civil protection order after a full hearing in the court. The cards contain the key information of the order, but in the form of a small card that can fit in a wallet instead of a multi-page document. Victims previously needed to keep this document with them at all times while the order was in place in the event that they needed to show it to police. The new cards will relieve the onerous burden of keeping track of and carrying a large document over the course of several years, according to Court Administrator Lisa Gorrasi (via WKRC). They will also benefit law enforcement, allowing them to access needed information quickly.

According to the press release put out by the court the cards will include, "the name of the person ordered to stay away and identifying characteristics, names of protected persons, and the dates of issuance and expiration." They are free and will be issued to all recipients of full protections orders beginning today. Anyone who received a full protection order before October 5 can also obtain a card and should contact the court at 946-9000 with any questions.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.