Cincinnati City Council’s opposition to Ohio House gun control bill

Local Fox News Channel  19 (WXIX, Cincinnati) was the only outlet we saw posting Cincinnati City Council member Yvette Simpson’s leading a charge against the passage Ohio House Bill 203 this morning, legislation introduced back in June by State Representative John Becker of Union Township which seeks amending some of the state gun laws, most significantly here, some of the guidelines when it comes to defending yourself with deadly force. [ HB 203 analysis ]

That point specifically expands the circumstances under which a person has no duty to retreat before using force in self-defense, defense of another, or defense of the person's residence.

Other poignant points of the bill include:

•Eliminating the requirement that a person be a resident of Ohio in order to receive or renew a concealed handgun license, and instead requires that the person reside in the United States.

•Making several changes to the criminal offenses that disqualify an applicant for a concealed handgun license, including:

                o Permitting certain low-level drug offenders to                            obtain a concealed handgun license;
o Allowing a person convicted of an offense relating                      to the regulation of business practices to obtain a                       concealed handgun license;
o Explicitly prohibiting a misdemeanor domestic                           violence offender from receiving a concealed                               handgun license, and specifying that offenses                               punishable by certain terms of incarceration in                           other states disqualify the offender from                                         receiving a concealed handgun license.

•Specifies that if a court in another state has sealed or expunged an applicant's disqualifying offense, the offense does not disqualify the applicant.

•Adds a search of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to the required criminal records check to determine the eligibility of an applicant to receive or renew a concealed handgun license.

•Requires the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission to make printable, downloadable versions of the application forms to receive or renew a concealed handgun license available online.

•Expands the category of offenders who are prohibited from knowingly acquiring, having, carrying, or using any firearm or dangerous ordnance, & specifies that a person may not possess a firearm or dangerous ordnance if doing so would be unlawful under federal law.

Simpson introduced a resolution to oppose passing the bill that was brought before council yesterday, it passing and being supported by a 9-0 vote.