Celebrating National Poetry Month April 2021

“April is the cruelest month….”

T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

In addition to bringing Opening Day (go Reds!), April Fools Day, National Library Week, a little dusting of snow this morning, and the start of Spring, April is also National Poetry Month.

In the introduction to his anthology Justice and the Law: an Anthology of Legal Poetry and Verse, Percival E. Jackson noted

Though Mr. Justice Homes properly said that law is not the place for the poet, there are affinities between the lawyer and the poet not visible to the undiscerning eye.  Both travel the highway of thought and advocacy, though their ways diverge at the crossroads when the lawyer takes a path of logic and utility and the poet treads the byway of emotion and beauty.  To persuade, the lawyer carries a staff of guile; the poet a wand of truth.

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we will be highlighting legally themed poems from our digital collection for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

So, Let’s get started…..

From Justice and the Law: an Anthology of Legal Poetry and Verse, compiled by Percival E. Jackson, available on HeinOnline.*

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