Book Review: Accident Prevention Manual Essentials

As a Law Library, most people assume that our books would only be of interest to attorneys and judges and would likely be completely incomprehensible to the average layperson. And while we do have some very dry and intimidating tomes, we also have a large collection of accessible materials specifically for employers, whether of the “small business” or “corporate” variety. These books cover a wide selection of topics from employment law and tax incentives to guides to create your own employment forms or employee handbook.

I wanted to highlight one book from this collection that was recommended for purchase by leading experts in the field of Safety and Risk Management. Accident Prevention Manual Essentials is an excellent guide for understanding the fundamentals of risk management, creating manuals and guides for your institution and fostering a culture of safety throughout your organization.

Here are some highlights of the topics covered.

  • Discusses safety culture and how making a fundamental change in the culture of your organization can create a safer working environment. Discusses specific strategies to create a safety culture in your organization and ways to measure the success of those strategies.
  • Does a deep dive on OSHA and NIOSH regulations, employee and employer rights and administrative process for regulatory compliance. Thoroughly discusses the legal implications of various safety-related positions and concerns.
  • Discusses and gives examples of record-keeping tools that meet the requirements of OHSA and other regulatory standards. Walks the reader through calculating injury statistics and data analysis.
  • Goes in-depth on various safety concerns, spending chapters on: identifying hazards, loss prevention, computer and internet safety, fire protection, electrical safety, construction safety, lab safety as well as safety training, basic industrial hygiene and personal protective equipment.

Stop by the Law Library to check out Accident Prevention Manual Essentials or browse the full employment collection today!