Body cameras for Cincinnati Police may be coming this year

According to WLWT, Cincinnati City Council is planning to move to the next step of implementing body cameras for Cincinnati police officers. After a trial run this fall, discussed in detail by the Cincinnati Enquirer in December, Council has decided to apply for a three-year federal grant to help outfit officers with cameras that would record their daily interactions. City Manager Harry Black presented information to Council yesterday detailing issues related to associated costs, which include not just the expense of the cameras themselves, but also costs relating to data storage and retrieval. There are concerns about the city's information technology system, which may need upgrading to effectively utilize the cameras. According to WLWT, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell and Council Members Yvette Simpson and Chris Smitherman are all supporters of the technology. If Cincinnati obtains the federal grant, the first round of money would come in October of this year.