Bill expanding access to naloxone sent to Gov. Kasich for signature

The Ohio General Assembly recently passed a bill expanding access to naloxone for those potentially suffering from an opioid overdose. Yesterday, HB 4 was sent to Governor Kasich for signature. The law currently allows physicians and others who can prescribe medication to provide naloxone to family members or others who can assist someone who is in danger of an opioid overdose in its nasal or auto-injectible form. The bill expands who can furnish the drug, allowing authorized individuals and pharmacists to do so without a prescription if they follow physician-directed protocols. It also permits these providers to dispense all formulations of the drug, not just the nasal or auto-injected varieties. According to the LSC analysis for the bill, naloxone can reverse an opioid overdose because it "counteracts the respiratory depression caused by an overdose, allowing the overdose victim to breathe normally."

For detailed information about and analysis of the bill, see the HB 4 documents page from the Ohio General Assembly.

Photo credit: Flickr.