Big Things Coming in 2019

2019 will be a big year for the Law Library and the Hamilton County Courthouse. Here is a preview of what's coming this year.


Our goal is to have at least one CLE every month for the year 2019. Some months, like January, will even have 2. Here are the topics in the works currently:

  • Advertising and Promotional Law
  • Cheetah
  • Medical Necessaries
  • Mediation
  • New Child Support Guidelines
  • Title 9 Compliance

We're also hoping to conduct CLEs on:

  • Immigration
  • Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Issues
  • Law and Poetry
  • Westlaw Updates

You and the Legal System:

The Law Library, in conjunction with the CBA's Lawyer Referral Service, will offer monthly classes to the public again this year on a different legal topic every month. Check back for the first topic, which should be in February.

Renovations (!):

Thanks to a generous grant from the Cincinnati Law Library Association, the Hamilton County Law Library will be undergoing renovations this year! What was once the "State of Ohio" room will be converted to a subscriber lounge with state-of-the-art conference room suite! Check back often for updates as the process moves forward and be on the look-out for special events this fall!

Hamilton County Courthouse Centennial:

Did you know that 2019 marks the centennial of the Hamilton County Courthouse? Plans are already underway for events and celebrations throughout the year. Keep an eye out for announcements throughout the year and help us celebrate!