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Where are all the books going?

If you’ve been in the Law Library recently, you may have noticed an alarming number of empty shelves in the area by the Circulation desk. But never fear! This isn’t some great purge of the printed word to induce much […]

Free and Low-Cost Resources for the Budget Conscious

Saving money on legal resources doesn’t have to be hard. There are dozens of free and low-cost resources available to the budget-conscious, if you just know where to look for them. Below is a list (with links!) to help you […]

A brief history of Memorial Day

As we prepare for all of the festivities we normally associate with the Memorial Day weekend – cook-outs, cold drinks in the hot sun, the first sunburn of the year – it’s important to reflect on the history of the […]

Coming Soon – The HCLL Book Shop!

Did you ever wonder what happens to Law Library books that are withdrawn but don’t sell at auction? Beginning next week, they’ll be made available for purchase in the HCLL Book Shop! Stop by the copy room (next to the […]

Resource Spotlight: CALI

Has it been a while since Con Law? Do you need to brush up on your Criminal Practice and Procedure? Are you struggling to remember your Alternative Dispute Resolution? The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) is your one-stop shop […]

Database spotlight: Fastcase

While Fastcase assures us that Fastcase 6 will be around “as long as it needs to be”, Fastcase 7 is such an improvement, I’m not sure why you would still want to use Fastcase 6. 6 was useful and many […]

A look at the Cincinnati Law Library rules of 1874

Times, how they have changed. Recently, while preparing to shift materials in our Text Room, Library Director Lauren Morrison stumbled upon a copy of the library rules as written by W.S. Scarborough, Esq., Treasurer of the Cincinnati Law Library Association […]

A Lawyer and A Poet

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate, I did a little research into attorneys who made a name for themselves as poets. There were dozens who cropped up in my searches, but the four below intrigued me the most. […]

WESTward Expansion

This year the Law Library significantly expanded the materials available to our subscribers through Westlaw. What is included in these new materials? I’m glad you asked… State and Federal cases from all Circuit Courts Codes, Laws, Cases, Forms, Regulations, Statutes, […]

Allen Brown’s collection comes to HCLL

When people think of noted civil liberties defender Allen Brown, they probably remember his landmark case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, Brandenburg v. Ohio. They might remember his fight against the Sunday commerce laws of the 1950’s, his defense […]