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Loislaw Treatises Available Through Fastcase

The Loislaw Aspen Treatises available through Fastcase provide a wide range of resources on over 20 different topics ranging from Bankruptcy and Business to Intellectual Property to Personal Liability and Torts. These are full-text practice guides, forms and checklists and […]

New Ebooks at the Law Library!

The Law Library has added new titles to our ebook collection from West Academic! Thanks to a very generous grant from the Statewide Consortium of Law Libraries, HCLL is now pleased to offer over 100 titles from West and Lexis […]

Fall is the Season of Mystery: Book Recs

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to change, the nights are getting longer. For me, this time of year always ushers in an intense desire to make a cup of tea, put on my flannel PJs and […]

Remote depositions…the future is now

Ohio Civ R 30(B)(6) states  “The parties may stipulate or the court may upon motion order that a deposition be taken by telephone or other remote means. For purposes of this rule, Civ.R. 28, and Civ.R. 45(C), a deposition taken […]

Combating Attorney Compassion Fatigue

I recently read an article about compassion fatigue and its effects on various professions and I realized something. Attorneys are kind of like Vulcans. There are a lot of emotions being bandied about in any court proceeding, but attorneys aren’t […]

Research, it’s kind of our thing.

We are not attorneys. We didn’t go to Law School (well, Lauren did), we didn’t pass the Bar (well, Lauren did) and we can’t practice the law (well, Lauren can). But we can research. Oh buddy can we research. We […]

How do I…?

Working in the library means you answer a lot of procedural and directional questions. “Where do I file this?” “Who do I talk to about that?” “How do I do this?” And while these are some of our favorite questions […]

Is it authoritative? A not-so-quick guide.

In a time when anyone can post anything on the internet and swear it’s true, it’s more important than ever to ensure the information you are gathering is correct. And to be honest, it can be absolutely exhausting. This post […]

Video now available: Immigration Law

On Friday, July 14th, attorney Thomas Geygan, Jr. gave a presentation during our monthly You and the Legal System event detailing the path to citizenship for foreign nationals who marry citizens of the United States. Representatives from the Mexican Consulate […]