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Ebook of the Week: Concise Hornbooks

Who doesn’t love a good overview? Hornbooks are a great way to quickly brush-up on any given legal topic when all you need is a summary of the more salient details. The Hamilton County Law Library has 35 Concise Hornbooks […]

You Can Still Smell the Burning

Smoke drifted in choking clouds across the city. Alarm bells rang out as the fire blazed. Engines rushed to the scene but were met by a vicious mob 10,000 strong. The citizens of Cincinnati had risen up to exact their […]

Big Things Coming in 2019

2019 will be a big year for the Law Library and the Hamilton County Courthouse. Here is a preview of what’s coming this year. CLEs: Our goal is to have at least one CLE every month for the year 2019. […]

Ebook of the week: Mauet’s Trial Series

Perhaps one of the most foundational books of modern trial practice is Mauet’s Trial Techniques. This essential work covers the entire trial process from theories of persuasion to selecting juries to closing arguments. A favorite with trial attorneys everywhere, Mauet’s […]

Law Library community comes together for teens in need

Subscribers to the Law Library and Hamilton County employees donated 5 overflowing boxes- over 240 individual items! –  to teens in Hamilton County in or entering foster care. The Holiday Teen Hygiene Drive was a rousing success and we could […]

Holiday Wishes (and hours) for 2018

The Law Library will be closed on December 24th and 25th and January 1st. Our warmest wishes for you this holiday season include, but are not limited to: favorable weather on days when you need to be somewhere important, traffic […]

Help us stop waste!

The Law Library is proud to partner with the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District to offer expanded recycle options in our facility. The materials accepted for recycling have expanded from paper-only to include most recyclable items like: cardboard, […]

CCH Intelliconect is now Cheetah

The Law Library is excited to announce that our entire collection of tax and litigation materials currently found in CCH Intelliconnect is being updated to the new Cheetah platform! What is Cheetah? It’s the same great information you’ve always loved […]

Subscriber Renewals: What the Law Library can do for you

Subscriber renewals are here again! We LOVE our subscribers but we also understand that financial decisions have to be made in the best interest of each person, so I’d like to take this opportunity to innumerate the many ways the […]

Ebook of the week: LexisNexis Ohio Rules of Court Annotated

Have you ever found yourself needing to quickly check the Rules of Procedure for Greene County’s Domestic Division? Needing a sample Affidavit for Allen County at 2 am? Want to read through the Rules of Procedure for Appellate Court while […]