Are you in alignment?

Tuesday—Align: Spiritual Well-Being

Cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose in work and life. Aligning our work and lives with our values, goals, and interests.

How to participate in Well-Being Week today?

Spiritual Well-Being can mean anything that helps you cultivate your purpose.  As you can see from the IWIL materials, it can mean time in nature, showing gratitude, or finding your purpose.

The OSBA has a Wellness Community, for members who are interested in participating.

Locally, the Cincinnati Bar Association Health and Well-Being Committee is meeting on Friday, May 13th, 12-1.  It is on Zoom, so feel free to drop in--you can participate in your comfy stretchy pants!

In the past 2 years, the CBA Health and Well-Being Committee has sponsored a number of programs on mindfulness. 

For more information on mindfulness, as well as finding your purpose in the law, check out these CBA Balanced Living Lecture Videos, on the CBA’s You Tube page.

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