Always learning, always growing

Wednesday—Engage and Grow: Career & Intellectual Well-Being

Seeking personal satisfaction, continuous learning and growth in our professional and personal lives, and financial stability. Engaging in creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development and monitoring cognitive wellness.

How to participate in Well-Being Week today?

One great way to learn and grow professionally is to participate in the CBA’s In Service Challenge from March to September.

There are also numerous committees and practice groups at the CBA to enhance both your practice and your professional development.

One of the newest programs is the CBA/HCLL Book Club--a chance for members to engage in enrichment, reading and discussing interesting books with other lawyers, judges, and county employees. The next meeting rounds out Well Being Week in the Law, meeting on Friday, May 6, at 12-1 to discuss Matthew Haig’s The Midnight Library.  You can register on our website here, or on the CBA website here.

Additionally, there are a number of great learning programs through the CBA, like the Professionalism Committee’s Take 10 and 10-minute mentoring programs, and the Racial Justice: What Can I Do? conversation.

If you want to learn more, these programs have been recorded and are available on the CBA’s YouTube page.

Take a look at:

In Conversation with the CBA: Judge John Burlew, the CBA’s first African American board president

Racial Justice: What Can I Do?

Bench Bar Conversation with Judges of the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio


The Professionalism Committee’s Take 10 & 10-minute mentoring programs:

                Civility and Collaboration Among Unlikely Allies

                The Power of Pro Bono

                From Private to Public Work with Justice Patrick Fischer

                The Future of Legal Education with Dean Verna Williams

                Marketing Your Law Practice with Elliot Stapleton

                Career Goals with Justice Sharon Kennedy

                Networking with Jill Meyer