Accelerated “3+3” Paths to Law Degree Approved in Ohio

As was announced late last year, under the recently adopted amendments to Rule I of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, applicants for admission to the practice of law in Ohio would only be required to obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university before admission to the practice of law rather than before admission to law school, and the Supreme Court alerted Ohio college and university presidents “ that the decision as to whether to offer a “3+3 program” lies with Ohio’s law schools, colleges, and universities. The amendments allow for the possibility of "3+3 programs" in Ohio since no Ohio law school offers one currently.”

The University of Dayton School of Law has become known nationally for innovative programs like its forerunning legal research and writing curriculum, the Legal Profession Program; one of the nation’s first law and technology programs; and an accelerated J.D. program that allows students to graduate in two years, which is a bit different. [ See Wikipedia re “Accelerated JD programs” and “University of Dayton School of Law” for more information]

In any event, that outreach of “3+3 programs” in the state is now about to be case apparent with Court News Ohio this morningreiterating that the amendments in question go into effect July 1st.