1834 Act of Incorporation

[32 Ohio Laws, p. 195]

AN ACT to incorporate the "Cincinnati Law Library"

Sec. 1.  Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That John C. Wright, John M. Goodenow, Henry Starr, Edward King, Crafts J. Wright, Edward Woodruff, Jacob W. Piatt, Edward D. Mansfield, O.M. Mitchell, John Frazer, Talbot Jones, S. York Atlee, William H. Harrison, jr., N. McLean, William H. Stickney, Charles D. Drake, James H. Perkins, M. T. How, John G. Worthington, James F. Conover, Daniel J. Caswell, and such other persons may become stockholders of the corporation hereby created, shall be a body corporate, and have perpetual succession, by the name of the "Cincinnati Law Library."  The corporation may have a common seal, and shall be capable of suing and being sued, of acquiring and holding, and as natural persons, disposing of, real and personal estate:  Provided, that the income of its estate shall not exceed two thousand dollars a year.  And provided, also, that the corporation shall not engage in banking.

Sec. 2.  That the capital of the corporation shall consist of such stock as may be subscribed and paid in, and of such donations and contributions as may be made to it.  The stock to consist of shares of twenty dollars each, to be subject to periodical assessments, and made transferable on the corporation books, according to such rules as shall be prescribed by the board of directors:  But any person who shall, within two years, subscribe and pay one hundred dollars to the stock of the corporation, shall have a perpetual share in said Library, discharged from contributions; and any person who shall, within the same time, subscribe and pay fifty dollars, shall have a share in the Library, discharged from contributions, during their natural life.  After two years, the terms for admitting perpetual and life shareholders shall be fixed by the board of directors.

Sec. 3.  Holders of stock, contributors to the funds of the corporation during the period of their contributions, and such other persons as the boar of directors may admit, shall be members of the Library Association.  Stockholders, contributing members for a year or more, whose contributions are paid up, and honorary members shall be entitled to one vote at the meeting and in the elections of the corporation.  In elections a majority of the votes given shall be necessary to a choice; and any ten members who shall assemble at the place designated for holding elections, and give their votes, shall constitute a legal meeting for an election.

Sec. 4.  The affairs of the corporation shall be conducted by a board of directors.  The officers shall be a president, two vice presidents, seven directors, a secretary, librarian, and treasurer, and such inferior officers as the board of directors may deem necessary.  The president, vice presidents, directors, and secretary, shall be elected annually on the first Wednesday of May, and continue in office until their successors are elected and take their seats.  They shall have no compensation for their services.  None shall be eligible to the office of president or vice president, director, or secretary, except stockholders residing in the city of Cincinnati.  The treasurer, librarian, and inferior officers shall be appointed or elected, as the board of directors shall prescribe.  The board of directors shall consist of the president, vice presidents, and directors; but any six of them shall constitute a quorum for business.  The secretary shall keep a record of the stockholders, members, and property of the corporation, and a journal of the proceedings of the board of directors, and of the members of their general meeting.

Sec. 5.  The board of directors may ordain laws consistent with the laws of this State, and of the United States, for the government of the corporation, the conduct of its officers; prescribing the duties of its officers and members; fixing the contributions to be made to the funds of the corporation by stockholders and contributors, and the penalties incurred by noncompliance; providing for the transfer of stock; and for the forfeiture, or the sale and transfer of the stock of delinquent members.

Sec. 6.  Any five of the persons named in this act may give public notice of the time and place of meeting to organize the corporation, and for the election of officers, to serve until the first election.

Sec. 7.  That the magistrates and officers of public justice of the county of Hamilton, living without the city of Cincinnati, shall be admitted to the Library at all regular hours, without contribution or expense, under such regulations as the by laws shall prescribe.  This act shall be evidence in courts of justice, by the printed copy in the laws published under authority of the Legislature.

Sec. 8.  That any future Legislature shall have power to alter, repeal, amend, or modify this act: but such repeal, alteration, amendment or modification shall not divert the property or funds of said corporation from the purposes expressed by this act.

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Speaker of the Senate

February 25, 1834