Hamilton County Courthouse
1000 Main Street, Sixth Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Inside the Building

Once inside the Courthouse, there are two ways to get to the Law Library. There are two sets of elevators, one on either side of the Courthouse. The first set is immediately past the security checkpoint at the entrance on Main Street. Take the elevators to the fifth floor, turn right and then immediately take the first corridor to the left. Walk along the hallway, to the corridor on your right just past the wall clock, and you will see the stairs to the Library.

The second way requires no stairs. It uses the elevator located on the opposite side of the courthouse from the Main Street entrance. Once you are through security, turn and follow the corridor to the left until it ends, and then left again, so that you are on the Sycamore Street side of the Courthouse. Continue along the hallway about 100 feet. There is a single elevator in a stairwell, behind a pair of glass doors, on your left. Take it to the sixth floor. The Law Library will be to your left as you step off the elevator.