4 ways attorneys can use a MakerSpace to enhance their legal practice

The MakerSpace at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County offers dozens of services that can enhance your legal practice. Here are four practical ways you can use the resources in the MakerSpace to help you succeed.

1. Create trial exhibits. Do you need to enlarge a picture for a trial or create a compelling graphic that can be seen clearly by the jury? The MakerSpace features a UV Printer, which allows you to “print directly on a variety of materials including paper, foam board, wood, glass, aluminum, many types of plastics and much more!” This station does require you to pay for the ink that you use, with most projects running in the $2.50 range.

2. Convert old testimony, depositions or other files. With time and use, cassette tapes deteriorate and the information contained on them can be lost. The MakerSpace has a station to convert “VHS tapes, cassettes, vinyl records, negative film, slides, photos, and documents” to digital files. All you need is the original media and a flash drive or other storage device. Use of this station is entirely free.

3. Make a commercial. The Makerspace has a full photography and video creation station that “contains everything you need to produce webcasts, commercials, short films, YouTube videos, promotional videos, and how–to guides.” They have the cameras, the lights, the editing software (with tutorials to learn how to use it) and even backgrounds and green screens. All you need is a way to store your media (flash drive, DVD, etc). They also have an audio recording station for radio commercials. Both processes are entirely free.

4. Create marketing materials. Whether you’re thinking of running for office or just want to get your name out there, the MakerSpace has a plethora of options for your marketing materials. You can:

Print a banner to carry in a parade or hang on a table at an event. The library’s vinyl cutting machine is extremely easy to use and the materials are all provided for a very reasonable fee. Take in a PDF of the design you want to create and go to town. The Law Library printed a 1X2 banner for $2.50. You can even buy grommets to make hanging easier.

Make buttons, magnets or keychains. Everyone loves swag. Design your own buttons, magnets or keychains following the specifications on the library’s website. The materials are all available for purchase at the library. Buttons are $.10 per button, magnets are $.15 and keychains are $.40. You really can’t beat that.

Create bumper stickers, decals and window clings. The vinyl printer/cutter is really versatile and allows you to create a wide variety of materials to raise your visibility. The cost is $2.00 per linear foot of material.


Other things that are just cool.

3D Printer

Sewing machine

Laser cutter/engraver

Espresso Book Machine (to print and bind your own books!)

Audio Recording Station (record radio commercials or create a podcast!)

IQ Flex Large Format Scanner (to digitally preserve those large or delicate documents, blueprints or other material!)