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The Importance of Treatises

I feel a little like I’m giving away a trade secret or exposing myself for a fraud with this one. Recently a patron asked me to identify a property owner’s liability when an invited guest causes injury to another invited […]

Ebook of the Week: Concise Hornbooks

Who doesn’t love a good overview? Hornbooks are a great way to quickly brush-up on any given legal topic when all you need is a summary of the more salient details. The Hamilton County Law Library has 35 Concise Hornbooks […]

You Can Still Smell the Burning

Smoke drifted in choking clouds across the city. Alarm bells rang out as the fire blazed. Engines rushed to the scene but were met by a vicious mob 10,000 strong. The citizens of Cincinnati had risen up to exact their […]

Big Things Coming in 2019

2019 will be a big year for the Law Library and the Hamilton County Courthouse. Here is a preview of what’s coming this year. CLEs: Our goal is to have at least one CLE every month for the year 2019. […]