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Top legal news of 2014

In honor of New Year’s Eve and in order to reflect on events of this past year we offer you a round-up of top legal news lists from various sources on the web. Happy New Year, everyone! Westlaw Legal Solutions […]

Ohio traffic cameras still making headlines

Traffic cameras have had a contentious time recently in Ohio, and the after-effects of court hearings and legislation about their use may continue into the new year. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the attorney for Bradley Walker, a Kentucky man […]

Happy Holidays from the Law Library!

For your holiday reading pleasure, we offer you the classic poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” lawyer-style.  Recently posted by the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, “The Night Before Christmas Legally Speaking” has made its rounds on the Internet for […]

Ohio redistricting resolution headed to voters in November

Just before adjourning for the year, the Ohio legislature passed a bipartisan measure to govern redistricting of Ohio’s legislative districts. House Joint Resolution 12, which was passed with only 9 “no” votes between both the House and Senate, will be […]