100 Facts about the Hamilton County Courthouse

We're counting down to the Centennial Celebration on October 18 with 100 facts about the Hamilton County Courthouse in 100 days. Each day, we'll post a new fact on social media and add it to this blog post.

100. Hamilton County has had 6 courthouses to date, constructed in 1790, 1802, 1819, 1854, 1887 and 1919.

99. The first Courthouse in Hamilton County was a log cabin erected in 1790 on what is now Government Square. It had no jail or other place of incarceration so a public whipping post was installed and this was used as the primary means of punishment

98. Of the six Cincinnati Courthouses, three have burned to the ground.

97. The second Cincinnati courthouse, constructed in 1802, was located on the corner of Fifth and Main and cost $3,000 to build. Adjusted for inflation, that's about $60,000 in today's money.

96. The second Courthouse was used as barracks for soldiers during the War of 1812 and was burned down due to carelessness.

95. Hamilton County's first Courthouse, which was made of logs, was built by volunteers and so cost the county nothing to construct.

#94: The third Courthouse, constructed in 1819, was located at Court and Main, which was far removed from the city center and considered extremely inconvenient. This building cost $15,000 to build.

#93 In 1849, the third Courthouse burned to the ground when fire from a near-by pork-house spread and destroyed the building.